Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #25 in Sundance and #13 in Moorcroft

Family and friends,

It's really weird to me that at the end of this transfer I'll
have been out for 7 1/2 months, and all of that will have been spent
here in Sundance. Or at least all of it has been spent in the the
North East corner of Wyoming. Wyoming is so grand. I just keep falling
more and more in love with it! I'm really enjoying myself quite a lot.
The work is definitely starting to move forward, we progress every day
and it's so amazing to me to see how much the work has progressed
since we first got here. I'll start with the best part of the week.
We have an investigator on baptismal date! The investigator, Tom,
that I talked about last week. He's the one that we had a giant
breakthrough with Sunday night. Then on Thursday we had another lesson
with him that went super well. He was supposed to meet with us on
Wednesday but some things came up so that we had to wait until
Thursday. We got to the lesson and all of us were super nervous
because we knew that if this lesson didn't go well then we were goi to
drop him probably. We were pretty sure we had a real breakthrough, but
we'd thought that before and it hadn't really happened, so we were a
little apprehensive. We had studied so much specifically for him in
the days before so that we could answer his questions and so the
spirit could help us know what to say. We got there and he was really
tired after a long day and had forgotten about us coming over, but he
had read Alma 32 like we had asked him to! He told us that he'd been
feeling the seed grow inside of him and now he's really recognizing
it. Then he told us to forget all the concerns he had from our last
lesson and said he was just going to trust him from then on. So we
invited him to be baptized immediately and he agreed! We then taught
him about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and he accepted
them and said he'd live them! He had said that he wanted to finish off
his last half pack of cigarettes to get his monies worth, I asked him
how much was left, he told me and I pulled out my wallet and offered
to buy the rest off of him promising I wouldn't smoke them haha! He
laughed really hard and then said if it's that important to us to just
take them, so we did! It was the grandest experience. I'm so happy to
be staying here this transfer!!!

We had dinner at the Mathews' twice this week because we stopped
by to tell them that we weren't leaving on Sunday and they noticed
that we had two dinners still open for the week, so they said they'd
just take them both! The Mathews are one of the coolest families I've
ever met. Crystal and Mike, the ones that got married on Christmas
Eve, have recently moved in with them and before they always came when
we came over for dinner. They're really cool people and he's really
warmed up to us Mormons haha!

Anyways, not too much has changed besides that! It's been a
really good week! I hope y'all are doing well! Love you all!

Elder Tippetts

1-2. District pictures at the end of the transfer. I'm laughing in the
second one because literally a second before it was taken Elder Bird
accidentally kicked me in the face. We don't know how it happened, but
it did!

3. A picture with Jennifer and Dianna because we wanted one just
incase we got transferred, but we didn't. Jennifer (the one right next
to me that's not a missionary) is the one that got baptized my first
day in Moorcroft.

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