Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Couple good lessons!

Family and Friends,

Not much happened this week. More lessons cancelled and plenty of
tracting. But we did have a couple of really good lessons this week!
So I'll tell y'all about those.
We finally talked with Travis, he's a less active member that the
bishop doesn't know. We tracted into him a couple weeks ago and kept
getting appointment after appointment cancel. We kept trying back
though because he has a non member wife and a couple of young kids, so
there was going to hopefully be some good part member family work to
do there. He let us in for about 15 minutes to talk with him and it
turns out his wife isn't really that interested. He says that he knows
he needs to come to church and that he knows it would help his wife be
interested, he just has a hard time coming alone. He says she always
has lots of questions about the church and he never knows how to
answer them, but she doesn't want to talk to us even though they both
recognize that we have those answers. It was a little frustrating,
obviously, but we were able to give him some materials and other
resources so he can start learning about the gospel again and then
hopefully be able to answer some of his wife's questions. He said
he'll think about coming to church and he was glad that we kept trying
to talk with him.
Saturday afternoon we took our ward mission leader, Bro Gilliatt
(who looks like Chris from The Strike by the way...), to a lesson with
a potential investigator we finally got a hold of. She wasn't there
when we got there for the appointment. A guy pulled up to the
neighbor's house to help them move, so we talked to him. They were
just finishing moving, so they didn't need help, but we talked with
him about prophets and it was really good! He was 17ish and had
graduated early and definitely has faith in Jesus Christ. He wasn't
against anything we taught, he actually really liked it all. We shared
with him the Easter video and gave him our number. I don't know if
he'll call back, that's usually the way things work. But while we were
talking with him I really pictured him in a year going through the
temple and then going on a mission. He was such a cool guy and easy to
talk to and I could see that he can make a big difference in a lot of
people's lives.
Last cool lesson was with Marva. She's an older lady and has
investigated the church for nearly 15 years. She comes to church most
weeks but hasn't been baptized because she doesn't agree with some of
the doctrine, but she feels like she's benefitted a lot personally
from learning about our church and attending it. She also has a couple
of mental problems that make it hard for her to comprehend what she
reads. So we started to just read the Book of Mormon with her from the
beginning this week. It was neat because she focuses a lot on
historical facts like how many sons Lehi had, what year they left
Jerusalem and what sea they sailed on to get to the Americas. We've
been trying to help her understand that those facts are less important
and at she needs to focus on principles instead, and it finally
clicked this time. So we helped her see principles in the first 2
chapters and the spirit was super strong. It really helps me learn the
gospel better talking with her because we need to teach so simply.

Elder Tippetts

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