Monday, June 13, 2016

Too many miracles that we don't know what to do with

Family and Friends,

This week has been awesome. Lots of good service and great lessons. We're working but we're still struggling getting those investigators and such to come to church. We finally got Kyle J to come to family history after church though and that went really well. He had a couple concerns but is back on date to be baptized. Kyle D is doing well but his schedule has just been so crazy so we haven't really been able to teach him more but he's still on board to get baptized, he asked us a question about tithing so we answered it and taught him about it real quick and he wholeheartedly committed to paying tithing after he's baptized!

Things with the Cheney's have gone well, but they still haven't come to church. Last Monday we went by to talk to them about why they didn't come to church but they ended up showing us around their property. They've got cows, chickens, ducks, dogs and horses. And...a coon! They have a pet coon! They caught it 3 years ago the day it was born and have raised it so it's tame. It was licking our fingers through the wire cage and I thought that was awesome. I didn't think it could get any better...but then we were about to leave and Brother Cheney asked if I wanted to hold it! I thought he was joking but they went ahead and pulled it out of the cage and I've never been so happy in my entire life. It likes to play so before they handed her (Missy) to me it jumped out of their arms and was hiding under the trailer. So we flushed her out and then I held her and it was a blast. She was teething my hand like a puppy would, but even lighter, and then she crawled up onto my shoulder and perched there like a parrot! I definitely have pictures you'll get to see!

Things keep getting better. We stopped by on Thursday for a lesson but they had to take care of a bunch of things outside so we helped them weed and they were really appreciative. As we were leaving they told us that since most of their cows have calved they're going to be branding! So on Saturday we went to go brand. Yup, I went to a branding. We had to push our dinner appointment back 30 minutes, which worked out well because Brother Cheney got home late. So we got everything set up and then helped them put a couple cows into the chutes and we watched them brand 2 cows. They were going to let us brand the next one but we were going to be late to our already late dinner appointment if we didn't leave then. Don't worry, I'll find a time to brand soon hopefully, they have 1 cow that got away and it still hasn't calved so the Cheney's said they'd call us so we can come brand the last two calves. Best thing ever.

Also Monday night we were having dinner after playing basketball with some of our investigators and less active's on preparation day. At dinner we asked the Bennetts if there was anyone they wanted us to visit and they mentioned the Cooleys. Sister Bennett said that the Cooleys daughter has never been to her primary class and she's never seen her at church. So we're driving to someone else's home down near the Cheney's and we see a guy with a giant propellor on his back and I was confused but kept driving for about a half mile. I mention it to Elder Stone and he says to turn back and check it out, then we realize it was the Cooley's house! So we turn around and the guy with the propellor isn't there anymore. He's flying. Literally flying. He had a paragliding wing and a giant propellor on his back and was up around 500 ft in the air. So we sit around and take pictures and waited for him to land and then went to talk to him and yes, it was Brother Cooley! We met him once before and he didn't seem too excited to see us then, but this time we really got to know him and he told us everything about his paramotor (that's what the whole contraption is called). We helped him set his stuff all up again and he showed us a take off and then did some cool aerial stunts for us. It was pretty bomb. Moral of the story, he wants us to come back and meet the rest of his family! It was such a cool miracle that we were told to go visit them and then we just happened upon him!

Last awesome miracle is Matt. He's a guy we've been trying to meet with for a while. We got an appointment with him but when we showed up he said it was a bad time and that we should come back over the next morning at 10. So we pushed back a small service project so we could teach his family the restoration. He's a single dad with 4 kids, two are younger than 8 and two are over. So we taught them the restoration, showed them the Joseph Smith's First Vision video and then we committed them to baptism! Matt and his two kids, Tayden and Weston, are going to get baptized! I was just so happy. We've gotten pretty close to those kids. They love it when we come over and they're super excited to tell us everything that's happened since we last stopped by. Having charity is such a real thing and it's the only way to get things accomplished. If you want to help someone change you just have to love them, love them and love them some more. God's work is a work of love.

Elder Tippetts

607 Avenue E

Powell, Wyoming 82435

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