Monday, February 13, 2017

I hate college... (not really...but sorta)

Dear Family and Friends,

I hate college. I love serving in the YSA Ward but today I decided that I have a strong dislike for college. Sorry this one will be short, I spent most of today trying to figure out things for college but only ended up frustrated. I don't like that I have to be getting ready to go back to school and be a normal human, I'm not ready for that. I'm really enjoying everything that's going on now and the whole less than 5 months things puts a real damper on life. I love my family and I love everything about normal life but I feel like there is just still so much left for me to do. The day will come but today is not that day. So I just don't like it when the real world starts creeping into my life. Sorry about that quick rant, I don't actually have the passionate dislike for college, but I really so have a passionate love for what I'm doing. Moral of the story, I'm doing well, just a little overwhelmed with college today.

Two quick Investigator highlights from the week:
Kelsey is still the bomb. I've never met an investigator like her. As of Thursday she's now up and through Alma chapter 3. She cooked all the way through it and then reread it all again before Sunday because she loved it so much. She especially loved Jacob 5, so that means that she's really learning by the spirit because I still have a hard time with that chapter sometimes. She came to FHE last week and we got her hooked up with a FamilySearch account and she's started doing research. She loved the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson on Thursday and again is just so excited to put her faith more fully in the Lord. Her favorite part is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ applies to her entire life, she's living it now and is planning on living it forever. Then Sunday one of her fellow-shippers picked her up for Stake Conference and she loved it. Just about every talk had to do with topics she's been wondering about. We met up for another lesson that evening and taught her the Word of Wisdom. She was real excited about it and was super focused on all the blessings that will come from living it. She said that she used to be a super heavy coffee drinker but after she started reading the Book of Mormon she felt like that was something she needed to stop because she had never seen her Mormon friends drink coffee so she's been off it for a month and is planning on never picking it up again! And then we'll see her again tonight at FHE and keep moving forward!
Milo is another awesome investigator. He's from a polygamist colony down in Mexico and his nephews (that are older than him because he has 55 older siblings) are here in the Ward. One is Max and he's one of our ward missionaries and the other is Tommy and he teaches Gospel Doctrine and is an RM. They live together and have been great examples to Milo. He started coming to church at the beginning of the year and decided now that it's time to meet with the missionaries. He started reading the Book of Mormon 2 weeks ago without Max or Tommy knowing and feels like he's finally found the truth after searching through a lot of churches up here. So we're working steadily with him. He's received answers that it's all true so we're working through the lessons with him, making sure he doesn't have any major questions or concerns and then waiting until President and then a general/area authority to come interview him. That's church protocol when your parents practice polygamy.

Overall the week has been good! Y'all are the best and I appreciate all the support!

Elder Garian Tippetts
311 Michael Grove Unit B
Bozeman, MT 59718

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