Monday, August 3, 2015

July 13th

Friends and Family!

These first few days have been so amazing and I have spent most of my computer time today trying to figure out how to use the computers. I don't have much time left but I'll try to write fast and fit as much in as possible!

The MTC is seriously my favorite place I've ever been! The spirit here is so strong and you learn so much! You all need to pray, like all the time! Prayer is such a big help and no matter how much you pray you can always pray more and you will always be blessed more! Always pray to feel Christ's love and appreciation for everyone! EVERYONE! You can grow so much just by loving everyone you come in contact with! Prayer can strengthen you so much when you couple it with regular scripture study! PMG says that prayer and book of mormon study are the biggest tools for conversion. It's true! I know this.

The rumors are true, the cafeteria is amazing and there is always so much to eat! It's all good! They have so many different ways they serve chicken haha and even after chick fil a I'm still not sick of that meat! They also have unlimited BYU chocolate milk so if you're looking for a reason to serve a mission, there it is! Chocolate Milk! JK that probably wasn't the best thing for me to encourage, I promise there are plenty of better reasons to serve a mission :)

My companion is Elder Hoschouer from Santaquin. He's amazing and super solid! And I literally mean SOLID!!! As in he's a 6'2" 300lbs heavyweight wrestling state champ! He's such a teddy bear and has a strong testimony and I love being with him and teaching with him!

I've got to go get changed and get to dinner then class so see ya next week!

Elder Tippetts

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