Monday, September 14, 2015

Late Weekly Letter

Sorry everyone! I totally forgot to finish and send this earlier. It's
late so I'm going to finish it real quick so it won't be as long or as
in depth as normal, I'll maybe rehash on some things next week!

Honestly not much happened this week, so there are two important
things I want to mention! One is how I'm a complete music nerd and
there are people here that appreciate it! And the other is about
agency and attitude!

There are two members here in Newcastle that have degrees in music
education! One teaches 7th-12th grade band and choir in Upton and the
other teaches piano lessons out of her home! We had breakfast at the
Wilkes the other day and both of them were there so I had a very
refreshing conversation about music theory classes and some of our
favorite pieces of choral literature! Hahaha man I miss talking about
that stuff with people that appreciate it! We talked about chords and
non chord tones and favorite composers and styles, it was all around
one of the most refreshing conversations I've had in a while!
Completely grand in every way possible! Haha sorry for all the
exclamation points. I use them a lot, I'm tired and it's a very
exciting topic to me!

The other thing is about agency. It is such a miracle and blessing
that I think so many people take for granted. Please take the time to
study 2 Nephi chapter 2 and think about what agency really is and why
you're thankful for it. It all comes down to making choices between
eternal life and eternal death haha! It's really a very bold but
simple truth. There are really only two influences in this world. Good
and bad or Christ and Satan. When you make decisions on how you use
your time and even what attitude you're going to have, make sure you
stop and think which direction you want to be heading and how your
current decisions will affect that! When you think about it it should
become pretty obvious which to choose, because I don't think any of us
really truly desire eternal death and pain haha! I know I don't!
There's an awesome quote I'll attach from Elder Holland, keep moving
forward and remember that the journey of a thousand miles can be in a
good or bad direction. If you're heading in a bad direction turn
around and start your thousand in the other direction today! The
atonement makes that possible!

Elder Tippetts

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