Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pulled pork cinnamon rolls and my first party with alcohol!

Family and Friends,

I think I'm abandoning writing my letters spaces out by day now.
I think it made me just write super long letter, I'll try to write
more about highlights instead of everyday stuff. I think that will
make my letters more meaningful. But who knows, maybe I won't like
this and I'll switch back in a couple of weeks haha! And don't worry
about the heading, I've still never tasted alcohol
Two quick things from last week that I didn't put in my quick
letter last week! We were tracting once and a guy answered the door
and he was really nice but told us he was already Christian and like
usual we asked him which christian denomination he belongs to and he
told us Baptist. Then from the back of the house we hear a harsh voice
yell 'We're not baptist! What are you talki about!?' To which he
responds, 'We're not Baptist!? Then what are we!?' Haha it was really
funny and I thought y'all would enjoy that! Also if you remember from
a couple of weeks ago I met a kid over Facebook and his name was
Cooper. We were finally able to meet with him again and teach him
more! He agreed to get baptized if he found out for himself if the
priesthood authority that's required for baptism is found in our

Now this week:
I started off this week with exchanges again! I was with Elder
Eyslee from Chico, California. He is super cool and it was so easy to
work by the spirit with him! There were several situations where we
were in the right place but for the wrong event, meaning an
appointment or something cancelled and we were able to meet someone
with that time instead! We also went to contact a referral for a lady
named Barbra but she wasn't very interested...but her son was! His
name is tony and we sat down with him and gave him most of the first
lesson and he also agreed to baptism! Then we went to a lesson with
Trent. I think I've mentioned him before, his younger brother, Slade,
was baptized by the missionaries before us and Trent wanted to be
taught the lessons but because of his work schedule he couldn't. We
got to meet with him on Tuesday with Slade and Bro Wilkes, Trent also
agreed to be baptized! Now we've got those three and Mikey all working
towards baptism! Speaking of Mikey, he's a stud. He'll be baptized on
the 10th of October.
We met brother Palmer again this week but he still hasn't been
able to make it out to church because he's been on call for work every
Sunday. But when we went to his house he had found a little kitten
under his trailer house and is taking care of it! It was adorable!
I'll attach a picture at the end!
We spent sometime up in Sundance this past week. Good news is
that the Sundance are should be getting their own set of missionaries
soon so then we'll just be covering Newcastle! It'll make things a lot
more convenient for everyone! We had dinner with Bro Gennings up
there. He's awesome and used to be a musician. He has a room in his
house with 2 walls that are completely covered in super nice guitars!
He played some songs for us and it was awesome! We helped Bro Millard
do some cleaning up around his farm as well. He had a giant trailer
full of scrap and we took it to the back of his property and he has a
giant trash pile. It was so much funny just taking trash and throwing
it as far as we could haha!
While we were in Sundance I met my first bible basher too! I
think that's an important milestone for a new missionary haha! His
name was David and he was really nice, but with people like him you
can tell that they aren't really interested in learning more at all.
He had lots of questions and wouldn't really accept any of our
answers, but he wasn't contentious about it. I think a lot of his
questions were mostly him trying to get us to doubt ourselves, but I
left with a stronger testimony. I realized that even if I didn't have
answers to all his questions, that doesn't diminish the fact that the
spirit of the Lord has told me this church and the Book of Mormon and
our prophets are all true.

Now to my header. We had dinner with the Branch mission leader
and his family in Sundance on Saturday. Sister Skeens made us pulled
pork cinnamon rolls! Elder Hatton was wary about trying them but I was
so excited! It was probably my favorite meal I've had so far. It's
basically just brown sugar and cinnamon pulled pork wrapped up in
cinnamon roll dough and then baked! If you think it sounds iffy,
google it or look it up on Pinterest (I think that's where she said
she found it) and then try it! You won't regret it!
Now the party with alcohol! Last night was a birthday party for
our landlord's wife, sister Carr. She's the young women's president
but lots of her extended family aren't members. I've been around
random drunk people here and there throughout town but I've never been
that close to alcohol haha! It wasn't anything serious though so don't
worry, someone just brought a small jar of homemade cherry moonshine
haha. No one was drunk but I just think it's funny that I'm from Provo
so I'm pretty sheltered still, but now that I'm on my mission I can
officially say I've been to a party where there's been alcohol haha!

Thank you all for your support! I love you all! If you have any
critiques on my formatting please feel free to inform me haha! Until
next week!

Elder Tippetts

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