Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You know you're living in Wyoming when...

Family and friends,

I can't help but start out with this story first. So...you know
you're in Wyoming when you have dinner at a members house and it's
their child's birthday and they open up their presents and they get
camo bibbers, a camo vest, .22 ammo and a camo .22 rifle. The kid was
11. I love it here haha!

Really quick now I want to put in a plug for patriarchal
blessings. Get one if you haven't. I procrastinated getting mine until
about a month before my mission and it has benefited me so much on my
mission. It has held answers to almost every single question I've had
and if it hasn't directly held the answer it's told me exactly what I
need to do to get the answer. One of my biggest pre mission regrets
now is not getting mine sooner. As I look back on my life before my
mission I can see how much peace and guidance I would have had if I
had only received my blessing years before.

We had a super rad district meeting on Wednesday and I led a
discussion and the rest of the meeting was filled with other awesome
role plays and discussions as well. Wednesday night we went to the
Family History class in Moorcroft and had lots of fun. The members
here are really into it and all help each other do it. They also all
bring pizza and lots of dessert and lots of other foods too. So family
history nights are always good! On the way to the on ramp in Moorcroft
to get back to Sundance I got pulled over...but it was brother Skeens,
the branch mission leader from Sundance, so everything was alright. I
had forgotten to turn on my headlights because for some reason I had
turned them off earlier in the day. Before you judge my abilities to
drive remember that I got my license 1 month before my mission and
then for 3 months I didn't drive.

Friday was President Uchtdorf's birthday! I posted about it on
Friday. Y'all can go check it out on my page at
Facebook.com/ElderGarianTippetts if you'd like. He's an amazing man.
Over the past few years I've really grown to appreciate his talks so
much. We also got to talk to a less active lady and she seems very
willing to come back to church. She really just needs someone to
fellowship her successfully and everything will work out. Right after
we talked with her we had a dinner appointment with the couple that's
fellowshipping her! So we had a great discussion on how we can work
together to bring them back into the fold of Christ's church!

On Saturday we spent most of the morning building a deck for a
less active member that's pretty much reactivated! She's super cool
and it's amazing to see how much of a change has come over her since
we met her during my second transfer until now! We tore apart her
deck, tearing things apart is always fun. The we built a new one
because her old one was extremely sketchy and precarious. Saturday
night was the first night we stayed with the Campbell's as well.
They're a family in Moorcroft that has missionary approved housing so
we can stay there overnight instead of having to drive back to
Sundance every night. They're so kind and awesome and completely
missionary minded. When we got to their house they sat us down and
told us about every family they're working with and how we're going to
help them. Needless to say that was grand.

Sunday was a pretty average Sunday besides the fact that it was
Moorcroft's linger longer/after church potluck. There was so much good
food. So much. I definitely ate more than I should have but...eh..it
was good. Sunday night was where we had our birthday dinner with the

See ya later! Y'all are grand!

Elder Tippetts

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