Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy (late) Halloween!

Family and friends,

This was a pretty rad week! Everything from Mission conference to a
baptism to Halloween!

On Monday we had an awesome preparation day like previously
mentioned last week with intense basket ball and dodge ball! It was
quite the day ending with a long drive to Sheridan. We stayed there
overnight and then left the next morning for Worland. The drive was
pretty cool. Except then we were almost spirits for Halloween...we
went through the big horns and the road has lots of sharp curves.
There was a portion of the road that was randomly really snowy and as
we came around a corner so did another truck that spun out of control
and luckily it swerved off the road away from us instead of at us like
we first thought. But all is well! We were definitely protected and
the lady was too. She hit a tree pretty hard with the tail of her
truck but she's fine. Her truck just doesn't have a tail gate anymore
and we got to help her replace her tire! So everything was fine and we
made it to Worland for our Zone Conference safely!
Zone conference was super amazing! We had training from President
Wadsworth and the assistants! Lots of great discussions led to lots of
answers to lots of questions I've been having! I'm super excited to
continue applying the things I've learned and we've already seen
blessings as we've applied what we learned already.
Wednesday night we had the Sundance Branch Halloween party and it
was grand. Lots of non members and less actives showed up so we were
able to meet lots of people! Also the food was amazing. Sister
Schaeffer made probably some of the best soup I've ever had. She gave
us all the leftovers because I loved it so much haha! They also played
dress up the missionaries. We weren't expecting that. They had a
competition where they split up the little kids and gave them toilet
paper and outfits. They wrapped us up in toilet paper and then put
clothes on us. I was a construction worker and Elder Bills was a yoga
Barbie doll I think. Pictures will be included.
On Thursday we spent a good amount of time exploring family
search and figuring out how to do family history work. I really wish I
had done more of it with my dad before my mission, lots of people just
expect missionaries to know how to do it so now we're trying to figure
it out! We also got to meet with one of our investigators that's super
awesome. He reminds me of my TRC investigator from the MTC, Jonathan
Baker. He's very similar and really cool. We're working on figuring
out times to meet with him, he has a pretty intense schedule. We also
tracted into a guy in Sundance that Elder Hatton and I met a while ago
and he was a lot more accepting than when we first met him. He has
lots of questions that are very similar to the ones that Joseph Smith

I don't remember if I told y'all about the lion we saw. The
really big dog that scared Elder Bills? It's scary. Well we knocking
on some doors again and there was a very intimidation dog not on a
chain that kept inching closer to us so we almost got to use our
pocket knives for first time. Just kidding, I probably wouldn't stab a
dog. But we were walking away and it barked again and Elder Bills
freaked out like he did with the other big dog. We left that area
pretty quickly haha!

Halloween was pretty bomb. We started off the day heading down to
Newcastle for Trent's baptism! When the Newcastle Elders were getting
everything ready for the baptism he kept asking them multiple times
'Elder Tippetts is going to be there, right?' And 'You got it approved
for Elder Tippetts to come, right?' I was so happy to be able to make
it to his baptism! He was so prepared and such an inspiration to me!
On the drive to Newcastle we drove through a herd of cows, it was
pretty cool! We just had to pull up behind a 4 wheeler and it led us
through. Then after the Baptism the city of Newcastle has a big trunk
or treat on Main Street. We stayed to help them out with that and it
was fun! I got to see a bunch of people from Newcastle that I haven't
seen since I left! Then we had the Moorcroft Halloween Party! It was
super fun and I got lots of candy and they had really good dinner! We
played basketball with the youth in the branch after because we
couldn't be out proselyting on Halloween.

Sunday was pretty typical. We went to church in Moorcroft this
week, which we haven't done before. It was awesome! I love the members
in both of our branches. Back in Sundance on of the less active
members came to church again! She's come to church for 4 weeks in a
row now and yesterday she bore her testimony in Fast and Testimony
meeting! I wish we could have been there but sadly we were not.

Anyways, I hope y'all have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Tippetts

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