Saturday, February 20, 2016

Love and exchanges!

Family and friends,

Don't worry, there isn't some sort of scandal going on, but there
was some love this week! On Tuesday we got to go to the Young
Ambassadors show Heartsongs: Songs of Love. It was a little strange
because they just sang love songs the whole time and there was kissing
in some of the dances, which is a big no no according to the
missionary handbook. But we were invited by the Zone Leaders to come,
who were told by President Wadsworth to bring the whole zone to it!
Apparently they just did a tour of Wyoming Colorado and Montana or
something like that and where ever they've been in our mission the
missionaries were all invited. When it was in Helena President
Wadsworth went and there was a member of the seventy there as well I
guess. It was really refreshing to hear some of my favorite songs
again though and we talked to some of the performers about the
missionary opportunities they've had because of the Young Ambassadors!
Going to the concert was like a nice nap that left me refreshed and
excited to get back to work!

This week we were also on exchanges from Monday until Thursday. I
was with Elder Bird, he's from Provo as well! It's pretty crazy
because he graduated a year before me and we never knew each other. We
know a lot of the same people though and he knows pretty much all the
same teachers from Provo High hat I do as well! It was really fun to
be with Elder Bird, we worked really hard and it was also refreshing.
The funny but sad thing about exchanges was that Elder Bird didn't
know we were going to the Young Ambassadors show and the Newcastle
elders weren't invited because they are too far away from Gillette, so
Elder Bills and Elder Blum didn't get to come.

Elder Bird and I went tracting a lot and I've never had so much
fun tracting, especially with literally nothing that came out of it.
We knocked on lots of doors over the 4 days we were together and had a
positive attitude the whole time! We may not have found anyone that
was interested, but we were able to talk with some people that had
negative views of the church and answer some questions that will
hopefully make them more receptive in the future. It's stuff like this
that reminds me throughout my mission that success doesn't come from
how many lessons you teach or new investigators you find or how many
baptisms you have, it comes from working hard and following the
spirit. Y'all should read the article "only two baptisms?" from the
February 2016 ensign, not just because the guy who wrote it is from
Montana, but because it's just an awesome article!

The other really awesome thing from this week is that we think we
found the miracle investigators that everyone in Sundance has been
praying for and fasting for! The last baptism they had in Sundance was
more than 5 or 6 years ago. Everyone here is hungry for growth and
they want to help but it just hasn't happened. I can't remember if I
mentioned this last week or the week before, but Elder Bills and I
tracted into this really nice young family. They were super nice and
readily agreed that we should come back and talk more. When we found
them we were just excited that they wanted to talk to us and we set an
appointment. The appointment was for this Tuesday afternoon and Elder
Bird and I went over to confirm that it would still work on Monday
night because we don't have a phone number for them yet. We went by
their house and he opened the door for us as we walked up and waved us
in. He offered us food and asked if we were still good to come over
the next day! We said we were and talked with him and his wife a
little more about the restoration. They asked why our church was
different from theirs and we just told them that the fullness of the
gospel was restored though prophets and scriptures along with the
priesthood authority of God and that if they read and pray about the
Book of Mormon that God would tell them that it's true. They were
super excited to find out and it made perfect sense to them! *insert
Billy Mays' voice* "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE" The husband is really good
friends with a less active member apparently! They're a really nice
young couple and it doesn't seem like anything is really keeping them
from church, it's just early in the morning and he likes Sunday
football. We talked with them and they said they'd help out with this
new family we found! Everyone here is hoping that this will bring them
back into activity as well. Two young families would really help the
branch out a lot. We're super excited to move forward with all of

Remember to read and pray! It's one of the best things to do to
keep your testimony strong and invite the spirit into your life! Look
for the principles taught in the stories and how the scripture
characters display Christlike attributes! Follow their example and the
world will be better off!

Love you all!

Elder Tippetts

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