Monday, April 17, 2017

Transfers yet again!

Family and friends,
     Another great week. Great because of the fact that we're missionaries and the Lord's hand is in His work. It was a struggle again this week because we had so much we wanted to get done but time and time again things kept coming up that we couldn't put off so we didn't accomplish everything we wanted to but hopefully we accomplished everything the Lord wanted us to. So I guess we did accomplish everything we want to, because I want to do what He wants me to do!
     We got transfer news on Saturday because Transfers will be on Tuesday this week rather than Wednesday. I'm staying here in the Bozeman YSA and I'll be getting Elder Ison as my new companion! He was one of my Zone Leaders back in Missoula so I'm super excited to be with him, he's a great missionary. Elder Schneider is leaving and going down to Cody Wyoming and I'm actually pretty jealous of him. My first choice would be to stay here for the rest of my mission but if I had to leave and could pick where I went I would definitely go to Cody because I love the Wyoming West Zone so much. It looks like this transfer will be awesome though! I'm stoked beyond belief!
     I'm not going to make this email very long because I haven't sent pictures in forever so I'll send a bunch this week. Just keep Tatum and Milo in your prayers. Tatum showed up to FHE last week and over a game of ping pong I was able to follow up with her on how her Book of Mormon reading and prayers are going. She's still diligent with it all, we're just hoping she's ready to start having lessons again. Milo is getting interviewed by Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy tomorrow! He's driving all the way down to Salt Lake for it! Then we just wait for word and approval from the First Presidency before our Mission President will talk with him one last time and then he's good to be baptized whenever!

1. Elder Hoschouer and I saying bye to our Vehicle Coordinator, Elder Baird.
2. Selfie from my first MLC.
3-6. Temple!
7-10. Pictures of our Zone my first transfer here in Bozeman.
11-12. Our District my first transfer here in Bozeman.
13. Selfie wi Elder Cronin.
14. Elder Schneider and Elder Rich.
15. Kelsey!
16. Carson!
17, 19. Basketball, our yellow team one!
18. Cool Montana sign here.
20. A member from one of Elder Schneider's previous areas took us to Wasabi here in Bozeman, it's one of those Japanese Hibachi grills.


Elder Garian Tippetts

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