Monday, May 1, 2017

I bought a sandwich for $75.60...

Family and friends,
     This week was interesting, we still taught a decent amount of lessons and got a lot done but I wish we could have done more. Yet again things just keep popping up over and over and over that keep us from doing what we want. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or if the Lord is trying to teach me something. Don't worry though, I'm pressing forward and will keep on keeping on. I'll go through the week day by day so you get a feel of it.
     Monday: Classic preparation day full of too much basketball. I think I have improved a lot on my basketball skills but it's still not quite my favorite sport. We taught a quick lesson to Kelsey right before FHE and then had FHE. FHE was supposed to be broom ball but only us and like one other person brought brooms so we all played ping pong for a bit and then played soccer together. We had like 15 of us in a circle and we were trying to keep the soccer ball in the air until everybody had hit it at least once. It took us almost an hour to accomplish it but we did it! We taught Petyr again and this time we met his roommate, Cam. He's just as smart as Petyr too! The two of them double teamed us with tough questions but we were able to keep on top of it and satisfied them by the end. Cam is now also reading and praying about the Book of Mormon to see if it's true and he should get baptized!
     Tuesday: MLC! We got picked up at 6:30 to drive to Helena. MLC lasted until just after 2 and we covered a lot of subject material. I learned so much on Tuesday, especially about leading with a Christ-like example. We got back and talked as a companionship about how we could apply what we learned to our Zone before going to dinner and then institute. That took up the rest of the night.
     Wednesday: We had district Meeting and then split up for exchanges with the Belgrade Elders so Elder Ison could go do some baptismal interviews. Elder Earl and I taught a bunch o lessons on Wednesday and just had a great time together. We were able to get a hold of our investigator from Eritrea and give him an Arabic copy of the Book of Mormon! It's not his primary language but there isn't one in Tigrignia and Arabic is closer than English.
     Thursday: Did service in the morning, got lunch and then went to the truck dealership to get our truck inspected. The blinking red dashboard airbag light was going off so we figured we would like to play things safe. The 2 hour wait for them to tell us that our seat belts were faulty was a buzz kill. We just barely had enough time to do some study together to prepare for our lessons that night. During comp study we get a text from President Wadsworth saying he wanted to go to some lessons with us that night because he was in town. So now we're scrambling to get a hold of our lessons that night because they still hadn't confirmed and the members that were supposed to come with us cancelled. Dinner also cancelled. But both lessons, one with Hondo and one with Milo, both went well. Teaching with President is a neat experience.
     Friday: We had interviews and I got my companion back. Milo had his final interview and we're doing the very final preparations for his baptism! This Wednesday we're setting an official date with him so keep us on your prayers! We went to lunch at pickle barrel because we've heard they're sandwiches are amazing. That's where I bought the $75.60 sandwich. The sandwich itself was 15.60 but I didn't realize I parked illegally so I also got a $60 parking ticket. Ouch. Bummer. Then we realized we had the baptismal interview forms for the Belgrade Elder's baptisms coming up so we drove them out to them because they sort of need those pretty bad. We had to fill in some paper work online at the library. On our way home for dinner we watched a car crash so we had to sit there for almost an hour while the cops figured things out so we could give our statements and contact information. Another damper. We weren't able to really start working until 6:30.
     Saturday: We had Zone Leadership Council in the morning with the District Leaders and then had a lesson and then did Weekly planning finally. So another day inside filling out paperwork and planning. That night we had some fun tracting and street contacting though so it turned out well.
     Sunday: Again I just felt like I was receiving answer after answer during church. I learned more about where real confidence with God comes from. We need to honestly give our best and turn over our hearts to God. He is then able to change us and make all of our experiences work together for our good. After a rough week of seeming disappointments I see what the Lord is trying to teach me and I hope I can catch on quick so we can move forward. If you want real joy go feast on the Word of Christ and honestly strive to listen for the Holy Ghost.
     That's about it. I'll send pictures next week! Things are good. Life is good. Elder Ison is good. Bozeman is good. The MBM is good. I'm happy! :)

Elder Garian Tippetts
311 Michael Grove Unit B
Bozeman, MT 59718

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