Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

Family and friends,
     Yet another amazing week, life in the MBM is the best kind of life. So many things made this a great week. We were a lot busier with better things. Lots of fun activities and of course, Mother's Day!
     Monday night we played ultimate frisbee again for FHE and Elder Ison and I got to know some more non-member cousins of our ward mission leader! Ultimate frisbee is one of the best games out there for sure.
     Tuesday we had one of the most awkward lessons of my life. The guy was really quiet and doesn't really respond or participate too much, but he's a good guy. I was super worried the whole lesson that I was going to say something stupid and eventually I did. At the peak of the lesson I was bearing my testimony on the Book of Mormon and said, "because of the Book of Mormon, I know that Joseph Smith is our Savior." There was an awkward pause and I corrected myself very quickly. I was thoroughly embarrassed. We also met another super smart guy. We meet lots of smart people that are going to school here that are 'scientific' and therefore don't believe in God. But this one was really nice and said that he'd love to believe in God, just doesn't feel he can yet. So he's going to be reading and praying to find out if God exists!
     Wednesday through Sunday we tried to work ourselves into the ground. Despite our best efforts we weren't able to get any appointments set up those days. The only appointments we had were dinner appointments for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So we were just grinding all day long tracting or street contacting or trying old referrals. We found 3 new investigators from street contacting and 2 from contacting formers! We were definitely seeing some good success from working hard and putting in the effort. It was nice that there wasn't a whole bunch of administrative stuff didn't get in our way.
     Thursday night and all day Friday we went on exchanges with the 1st Ward elders and had a blast. I was with Elder Pett and Elder Ison went with Elder Baum. Elder Pett is also from my transfer group so it was a blast being with him. I've never actually served with him before. We worked hard and met a lot of cool people.
     Saturday night we got a hold of Abdula, a potential investigator we met a while ago. We followed a prompting to go by his place and as we showed up he was just getting home and invited us in as well! He's from Saudi Arabia. We sat down with us and talked a lot about both of our religions. It was cool because I don't really know anything about Islam so it was an awesome experience. I really felt the spirit with him. It was really cool because he kept telling us that he believes what he believes but says that if he finds more truth he'll believe it. So he's also reading and praying now! We taught him how we pray and he showed us how he prays. I love seeing other people pray because I still feel the spirit, God appreciates anyway we reach out to him. He is also going to be coming to church, he says he loves going to Christian churches and has never been to ours before!
     Well that's about it for now, obviously I got to Skype home yesterday and it was great. My family is indeed the best.

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