Monday, June 5, 2017

Back in Zootown

Family and friends,
     It's been another great week. I dare say it's been one of the best weeks. I love being back in Missoula a little too much, it's so great here. The work is doing great because super prepared people have been reaching out to the missionaries. Also the members are so great. I've been able to see lots of the families that I got to know when I was here before. I'll give a couple quick highlights:
  • I love Elder Smith. He's excited to work hard with me and to make this the best last transfer ever. He goes home next transfer sometime in the middle of the transfer so this is both of our last full transfers. We talked with our ward mission leader and bishop and told them both that we're here to work as hard as we can and do everyhinwe can for them to set the Missoula 4 Ward up for as much success as possible. I am so stoked to lose myself in the work completely this transfer.
  • I got here on Wednesday and asked Elder Smith about Adam and Mandy, two of the investigators I taught the whole time I was in Clinton. The Clinton Elders told me a couple of weeks ago that they moved to M4. Elder Smith was bummed I knew beforehand because he wanted to surprise me that we had a lesson that night with them at 7. So we got to teach them again and it was so weird but one of the best things ever.
     Sorry this one is short. The week has been so great. I'm sure Elder Smith is probably sick of me saying, "dang, it's so weird being back in Missoula." And every other variation thereof. It's just so great to be driving/biking these streets again. I count it a very tender mercy from the Lord that I get to serve in such a great place again.

Elder Garian Tippetts
1101 Greenough Drive Apt. E10 
Missoula, MT 59802

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