Monday, June 19, 2017

Second Companion with a Broken Bone

Family and friends,
     Apparently I'm really hard on all my companions in Missoula.
Except Elder Skouson, he's the only one that's healthy. So Elder Smith
got diagnosed with a stress fracture this week. It's not technically
an actual break but it's at the point where it could break any moment
if he puts pressure on it. So he's only on crutches now. So our pace
has slowed down because we can't go tracting and walking all day
anymore per Sister Wadsworth's orders but we're doing our best to keep
our fire up. We won't let this slow us down. I'm completely committed
to finish in a sprint.
Here's 3 quick highlights:
     First is pretty simple. I got a call from Kelsey back in Bozeman
and she was going home for Father's Day and that meant she was driving
through Missoula! So we met up on Friday with her and us! It was
really cool to just catch up real quick and see that Bozeman hasn't
burned down in the 3ish weeks I've been gone.
     Second is Cristin. Keep praying for her please, she's awesome and
such a miracle! She missed church this week because an emergency
happened on the railroad and she got called to go clean it up and
didn't have much of a choice. So we had some solid lessons with her
this week and she is cooking through the Book of Mormon and doing so
much studies on her own. She's finishing up last minute Word of Wisdom
concerns. So keep us all in your prayers because we need this miracle
to continue moving forward!
     Third, CLINTON! There was a baptism in Clinton and we brought an
investigator to it so that meant I got to see so many people from the
Clinton Ward that I love. I got to see the Egberts and the Nystroms,
the Hixons, the Tuhys, the Lemons and so many others. I cried a little
during the service because I felt such a powerful spirit there with so
many of the people that I loved, served and taught. It was a huge
tender mercy to see them all again. When I left Bishop Nysteom gave me
a big hug and said, "keep running. Finish strong." Bishop Nystrom was
such a huge influence on me. So that's my invitation to you all, press
forward and don't give up. The Lord has blessings in store.

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