Thursday, October 1, 2015

Service service service and marching band

Family and Friends,

Good week! I had one and I hope you did too! It's been a weird
week though haha! Not a bad weird, a pretty refreshing weird! We only
had Tuesday and Sunday as full days of proselytizing. Monday was
preparation day, Wednesday was district meeting and exchanges with the
zone leaders. Thursday was weekly planning and some random non member
lady called us to help her move. We helped her most of Thursday and
Friday. Friday was Newcastle's homecoming so there was a parade and
the football game and then all day Saturday we were out on a Ranch
building a log house! Sunday was a normal Sunday except we went around
helping lots of people with their home teaching and helped teach
mission prep.

My exchange on Wednesday was fantastic! I love exchanges because
I feel like I just learn so much and it's really refreshing to see
missionary work from another missionaries perspective. Especially
Elder Mason. He's definitely the most hard working missionary I know.
When I spent the day in Gillette we had every second of the day
planned with multiple back ups and people from the Ward to come with
us on our visits. He's such a great teacher and I learned a lot about
the need to simplify and intensify. Pure testimony and doctrine is
what converts people. That's what the spirit confirms to people in
their hearts

The homecoming parade was cool! We don't really do those in Provo
so it was a new experience for me. I saw lots of the youth from the
Ward and cheered and yelled their names haha! Then we saw them at the
homecoming football game and they told us that all of their friends
were wondering why the missionaries were saying hi to them haha! Now a
lot more people know who the missionaries are! Hahaha! That night we
went to the homecoming football game because in a small town no one is
home the night of homecoming. Sadly Newcastle lost by one point. But
it was great and we were introduced to a lot of different people by
the members we were sitting with!

The lady that we helped move wasn't a member. The guy from Uhaul
(who also isn't a member) gave her our number. I guess some previous
missionaries gave our number to him so that if anyone needs help
loading and moving then he just has them call us! We get calls every
once in a while from people we don't know that just need help moving.
It's really great and fun to help out that way! This lady literally
had nothing packed though haha. She had us move some heavy things and
then she left and we brought the Ward Mission Leader over and just
started stuffing everything we could find in boxes. That's what she
told us to do and I've never seen a house get so clean so fast haha!
Saturday we went to the Stewart's ranch. It's brother Stewart's
ranch but his son (another brother Stewart) is building a log house
for him and his wife. They've been working on it for a while but
haven't had much help. So at one time or another 8-12 of us were out
there helping. I was a part of the group that spent 10 hours rotating
through using draw knives to strip the bark off of logs. And then we'd
either carry the logs to the house to be fitted or they'd come pick it
up with the backhoe. All in all it was an extremely hot and tiring
day. I'm surprised I barely got sunburnt at all! We got a lot done and
are going back on the 10th to help out again! Now my fingers are just
super sore and stiff still from gripping a draw knife for that long!
That's all that happened this week, lots of service. Oh ya! The
marching bands! There was one in the homecoming parade and it was
great to see a band march down the asphalt! And when I was on my
exchange with Elder Mason we were walking down a street and I heard a
familiar sounding metronome and drumline, I mentioned it to him and we
drove over to the high school and it was pretty nostalgic to see a
good 60-70 person sized marching band out on football field cleaning
pictures and music!

Keep being great people and make sure you're allowing others to feel
Christ's love through you!

Elder Tippetts

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