Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 2 of Training

Family and friends

Good week! Sorry this is late this week. I feel pretty dead right now,
just finished an hour long game of pod ball and a couple grueling
rounds of lightning basketball. We've been in Gillette today so far
for preparation day and now we're in Sheridan to stay the night and
tomorrow we're driving to Worland Wyoming for Zone Leader Training.
The two Wyoming zones (Wyoming east and west) are meeting there for a
big conference. I'm excited! So we spent most of today in Gillette
with some other elders and sisters in our zone. It was fun! One of our
Zone Leaders used to play college football and it was no fun getting
hit by him. Pod ball is basically an insane game of dodgeball. He can
throw hard haha.

This was my first full proselyting week with Elder Bills and it was
awesome! He's getting a hold of things and we're loving being
together. We've been working together well and really focusing on
teaching as a companionship in unity! When you teach with a companion
well miracles happen. I love it.

On Tuesday I became a real member of the Montana Billings Mission. Now
I truly fit in with the people of Wyoming. I RAN OVER A RACOON ON
TUESDAY! That seriously makes me so happy. I feel like I belong here
now haha! Tuesday we also taught a lesson to Jennifer. She's the
baptism we got to go to in Moorcroft! We taught her and her mother
with the branch mission leader there and it was one of the most
spiritually uplifting lessons I've ever been a part of. She is so
confident in her testimony and it was so inspiring to see her simple
and pure love for the gospel.

Wednesday was pretty rad as well! We had our first district meeting of
the transfer with our new companions. Our district is now Elder
Hatton, Perez and me with our companions Elder Thomas (from American
Fork), Elder Angle (from somewhere in California) and my companion
Elder Bills. I love this district so much. It's probably my favorite
yet! The three of us that were here before are all training new
missionaries so it's a really young district! It's grand. I led a
really fun Roleplay on finding people's needs. It was cool and caught
the new missionaries off guard but they got better at it pretty fast
so it worked out! That night I was invited by someone in Moorcroft to
attend church with them! Hopefully next week I'll be going to a
Christian church somewhere in Moorcroft, the guy said he'd come to
ours if we went with him! I'm super excited!

We had interviews with a member of the mission presidency in Gillette
on Friday. While we were up there we had lunch at McDonalds and saw
Brother Erickson! The Ward mission leader from Newcastle! We were
there with Elder Hatton and his companion so it was fun seeing him. We
also met a sketchy man named Mark. He was pretty sketchy and if we go
back then we'll bring our branch mission leader who's a cop. Haha it's
alright because one of his neighbors was super interested!

On Saturday we spent 7 hours helping a family in Moorcroft move and we
were there the whole time and not too many other people showed up. My
back was pretty tweaked until today when Elder Kimball popped my back!
It feels awesome! They were all hilarious while we were helping out
though. A bunch of them were totally redneck it was awesome! They just
talked about hunting the entire time! Sunday was also amazing! We went
on visits with President booth and we found a family who's daughter is
dating a member from Moorcroft and we're going to start teaching them

I love you all!

Elder Tippetts

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