Monday, May 30, 2016

Are we going to stop doing service? No.

Family and friends,
We keep doing spice, and lots of it. Before my mission I was never too big into service projects most of the time but on my mission I've had my testimony really strengthened on service. We feel happier as missionaries and see more miracles and blessings daily! We went over to a older guy in the other Elder's area and we helped him move a bunch of dirt around in his planters and tomorrow we're going back to finish tilling his garden tomorrow afternoon. We were supposed to go to his house on Friday but we had Zone Training that morning so we went over Thursday instead.
We also joined the other Elders to help a cool family rip out carpet and linoleum. It was fun because I haven't done that in a long time. We also went with them to help some members move. I also really love helping people move now because of my mission. It's fun to organize the things in the truck so it all fits, sort of exhilarating. Sorry if that sounds super lame. We were down under their house in the crawl space hauling a lot of things out, again pretty fun. It was nice and clean, I appreciated that because I don't do spiders.
Saturday we did some awesome service for the Jeides, the family we live with. We were climbing in trees and ripping out vines. My arms got pretty cut up, I've got scratches all over. Brother Jeide was using a chainsaw and cutting trees out pretty short and then we'd drag them out. We hauled a bunch of the dirt over to their home from the Lutheran church across the street. They're building a super nice church that's cost a pretty penny and apparently they have a super nice mural that an artist came and painted there. We know a couple people that go there so they're going to give us a tour sometime soon! Anyways, they have a bunch of leftover dirt because of the construction so they're basically letting anyone take rock or dirt if they want. So we went picking around the big piles until we found good dirt and then hauled it to some new planters that Sister Jeide built. It was a good time.
We had Zone Training this last week. I gave a discussion about humility and it was pretty good. Most of it was focused on getting rid of pride, pride is a fun subject. I always get asked to talk about pride, I guess I need a lot more humility. I feel like President Uchtdorf when, in his 2010 October talk to the priesthood, said, "Every mortal has at least a casual if not intimate relationship with the sin of pride. No one has avoided it; few overcome it. When I told my wife that this would be the topic of my talk, she smiled and said, “It is so good that you talk about things you know so much about.”"
Lastly we've seen some cool miracles as we exercise faith and trust that people can change and accept the gospel. There's a part member family that hasn't come to church in a long time. A member of the Ward council has been praying for their family for over a year and they recently went through some humbling experiences. We stopped by a couple weeks ago and they let us right in and we got to know each other really well. This last week we had a miracle lesson with them. We talked with them and then we shared a Mormon message and the dad just took over from there. He was just leading the discussion on humility and patience in trials and basically to whole time was bearing his testimony to his unbaptized kids! Then they told us that they should be able to make it to church this next week! At the end of the lesson the Dad said the prayer, he kneeling prayer, and it was probably the most humble and honest prayer I've heard on my mission.

I love you all! I appreciate all the prayers y'all are sending my way!

Elder Tippetts
607 Avenue E
Powell, Wyoming 82435

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