Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's day

Family and Friends,

I can't believe Mother's Day has come and gone. It was definitely a relaxing day. I feel so refreshed and renewed after talking to my family. Both sacrament meetings, 1st and 3rd Wards, we're so good. We were able to take some flowers and other gifts to a couple of our investigators and they really appreciated it! During lunch I played pool with a 12 year old (we live with the Jeide's, they have a pool table, their grandson was here) and he beat me twice in a row so I felt sufficiently humbled for my skype call. While Elder Stone was talking with his family I was playing on the piano, 1st ward's mission leader sent us music for Shenandoah and asked me to learn to play and sing it. Needless to say I was having lots of fun. Then we had a correlation meeting with Bro Wisniewiski (Wiz-nih-ski), the 3rd Ward mission leader. He's such a great guy and really helps us get everything set up for the upcoming week.

This week was super great! We put 3 people on date! (Sorry...didn't mean to rhyme) First was Kyle J, he's the one that showed up to church last week with a friend that we then taught Monday night. He accepted everything we taught, even a baptismal date! As we finished talking about reading the Book of Mormon, before we even invited him to do anything with it, he said, "so I should probably get myself a copy and read a couple chapters each night, right?" RIGHT! Perfect answer! We met with him again on Wednesday and he came to all three hours of church again this week. He's doing well and we'll meet again this Wednesday.

Next person we put on date is Kyld D. He's the one we found while street contacting when we couldn't find a less active's address. We'd been having a hard time getting a hold of him but on Thursday we did some service in the morning at the thrift store and as we were leaving he was walking right by on the sidewalk! So we talked with him and scheduled an appointment for that night. It was getting a little stormy and last time we met with him we just sat on his open porch, so we were trying to think of some solutions. Kyle came out with his Book of Mormon, ready to talk, and Elder Stone, being the stud he is, asked Kyle if he just wanted to jump in his car and follow us to the church. So that's what we did, on the way to the church we got a hold of Bro Williams, the Elders Quorum president and he said he'd meet us there in 5 minutes. We followed up with him on his scripture reading while we waited for Bro Williams to show up and then we all went into the chapel and had a fantastic discussion on the sacrament and the atonement. Kyle accepted the invitation to be baptized and he said he thinks this will be a great step in his life. Then we taught him again on Saturday and in his prayer he thanked God for the good feelings he gets whenever we meet together! He showed up to church for 2/3 of sacrament meeting because he had to go to work, but he's a manager at his job so he said that he'll change his schedule up in 2 weeks so he can be there longer!

Last but definitely not least is Jessica. The missionaries have been trying to meet with her since the end of last summer but we haven't dropped her because she shows so much potential and it's not her fault she doesn't meet with us. We get appointments scheduled and then her kid has to go to the ER or crazy stuff like that. So we stopped by and Jessica and her friend were there and again Elder Stone asks them if they want to follow us to the church and they accept. So this time we call Bro Spomer, one of the Ward missionaries and he said he'd meet us in 5 minutes. So we showed them the whole church and they really liked it, especially all the things about families. Once again it was the chapel that did all the magic. We talked about the restoration and shared the first vision and started right into talking about baptism. For the first time since I met Jessica she didn't shut down the conversation the moment baptism was mentioned! She was even the one that came up with the date, so she's working for the 9th of July! And tomorrow we'll have another lesson and her friend will tell us if we would like to get baptized that same day as well.

Anyways, the Lord's work is real and He delivers on his promises. I'm so thankful to be a missionary and I'm so thankful for my mom and how she's helped prepare me to be here.

P.S. This upcoming Sunday we'll find out transfer news

Elder Tippetts

607 Avenue E

Powell, Wyoming 82435

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