Monday, May 2, 2016

The elect!

Family and friends,

Dang this week was so refreshing. We were teaching lessons and following the spirit and all those other things that make missionary work the best thing ever. We also had exchanges this week, Elder Stone went to Burlington with Elder Sorenson and Elder Gutierrez came up here to Powell. Tuesday morning we switched and had lunch at El Tapatío, a Mexican place.

Do you remember Victor? I'll remind you of how we found him. It was almost 9 and we prayed to see if we needed to go contact a less active member we were planning on visiting and we felt we should go. No one answered and on our way back to the car we stopped by his house because he had a light on and he let us in. So we had 3 lessons with him this week at the church with different members each time. On Tuesday Elder Gutierrez and I took Victor on a tour of the church with Brother Gwynn, one of our ward missionaries. Victor just loved it all and kept telling us how beautiful the church was. We were talking to him about the restoration and told him that the LDS church isn't just another religion but it's Christ's original church and the only true and living one on the earth. He straight up agreed. STRAIGHT UP! There wasn't even an ounce of hesitation, he just immediately agreed! Then we went into the chapel and we were all bearing our testimonies to him and he told us that he felt so good and said this is something he could commit to. STRAIGHT UP! Not kidding at all. So what did we do? Committed him to it! Victor's getting baptized on the 28th of May!!! None of us could believe what just happened, it was a lesson that missionaries dream about.

Then on Friday we taught him again at the church. He showed up super confused and frustrated. He told us that he was really sorry but that he wasn't going to be able to do this any longer. We calmed him down until Brother Gilmore showed up. He was a miracle member for that lesson. Victor had some concerns about the church because of some stuff he'd been reading online and in the news about the church and BYU and Brother Gilmore just happened to have read those same article this past week and was able to shed new light on it for Victor. At the end of the lesson Victor was so apologetic and said that he came to the lesson feeling very negative but was leaving very positive. We taught him again the next day with Brother Gilliatt our ward mission leader. He's continuing to do well and in the lesson with Bro Gilliatt he accepted everything about the restoration and it all made perfect sense to him. Victor even came to church on Sunday even though a lot of hard things are happening in his life.

The last miracle I'll share is Kyle J, he's not the other Kyle I've mentioned, that's Kyle D. He just showed up to church yesterday with a member and stayed for all three hours and loved it! We'll be teaching him tonight and he was so excited to meet so he'll definitely get put on date.

I'm so excited for this upcoming week, lots of good things are happening here in Powell. Also, this upcoming week is Mother's Day so I'll get to skype home! Definitely stoked for that!

Elder Tippetts

607 Avenue E

Powell, Wyoming 82435

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