Monday, March 20, 2017

Kelsey's Baptism!

Family and friends,
     Yet another fantastic week. We made it through Spring Break busily and productively! This week was full of miracles, especially miracles in my own personal progression. I've learned a lot of things that the Spirit has impressed heavily on my soul and helped me improve lots on! So I'm happy and continually pressing forward!
     Probably the most exciting thing y'all want to hear about is the baptism! Kelsey got baptized and it was pretty awesome! The week leading up to her baptism we had her interview on Tuesday, a lesson on Wednesday, watched the Joseph Smith movie with her and some members on Thursday, and then taught another lesson Friday night! The Friday night one was super awesome because she had 3 friends that were going to BYU Provo that drove up and one friend that came from Hamilton. It was fun to meet some of her friends and 3 of them were return missionaries. Adam is the one from Hamilton and he got home less than a month ago and is the one that originally gave her a Book of Mormon ~2 years ago when he left on his mission. It was cool meeting the man that put it all in motion and he was even the one to baptize and confirm her! Her final pre-baptism lesson was awesome and spiritually packed. Then Saturday we met up with her friends, Mom, Sister and some members of the YSA and Kelsey made crepes for us! So we all got to spend some time together and then we were off to fill the font and set up for the baptism. We had over 50 people at the baptism! That's huge! Especially when our YSA Ward averages 65 people at sacrament meeting each week! So there were lots of people there, it was awesome to see everyone's support! Everything went smoothly until they got into the font, there's something wrong with the font apparently because the baptism was at 2 and we'd been filling it up since 11 that morning so we don't know how a decent amount of water drained down to 1.5 feet. I had even taken of my shoes, socks, rolled up my pants and sleeves and climbed in there before the baptism to make sure there weren't any leaks around the plug. Alas, it still drained so we had to deal with it. It took 3 goes to get her all the way under. But what counts is that she made it! In the end it all worked out! And finally Sunday she was confirmed and is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!
     It's been a blast of a week! We did exchanges with all the elders in our Zone. It was fun being around each of them and working in different areas. It's always fun to be in someone else's area and meet so many new people. It was weird talking with families again though. Other than that I'll be sure to send pictures next week! Have a great week!

Elder Garian Tippetts

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