Monday, March 13, 2017

Today's Elder Schneider's Birthday!

Family and friends,
     The week has been amazing like normal! I love the YSA Ward so much! Things have been going well. This week will be an interesting one, it will definitely stretch our faith for sure. So since its Spring Break almost everyone from our Ward and teaching pool is out of town, so please send a couple extra prayers our way this week! We're still going to be productive and we'll take advantage of this week to go on exchanges with every Elder in our Zone and work in their family wards! We're super excited and still have some cool things lined up for this week! Also, a member Elder Schneider knows here took us out to the Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse today for his birthday. It was super good! It's like Tepenyaki/Kobe/Hibachi and all those other places like it.
     We taught institute this last week and it was fun but it's definitely a relief to not have to anymore. There are so many solid members here in our Ward so we're always really nervous to teach, especially because Brother Bishop, the institute director, is one of the most spiritual and knowledgeable men I've met. So we always have big shoes to fill. That's why I'm thankful that the enabling part of grace is able to make up for our inadequacies. Both weeks we went in super nervous and left very humbled and grateful that the spirit is the real teacher. If it were just up to me we would have flopped on our faces.
     Also this week we were fixin' to teach Hondo a lesson but a guy named Nathan walked into the institute. He asked if he could ask us a few questions, we told him that we had an appointment with Hondo but Hondo insisted we talk with him, so we obliged. Turns out he's from the Montana Bible College at the Grace Bible Church here, they're notorious for strongly disliking Mormons. The school gives extra credit to their students if they Bible bash with Mormons. So he had an assignment from school to come 'Interview' some Mormons and we happened to be the ones he ran into. We talked with him and we're very intent on not bashing so we didn't. He said he'd only take a few minutes so we answered some of his questions it turned out to be a 45ish minute discussion. We made sure it wasn't contentious and made sure he knows we don't believe we're saved by works. At the end he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, our testimonies and let us pray with him! So it ended well. We had less time to teach Hondo, so that was a bummer, but Hondo said he felt like he learned a lot from us just watching us talk with Nathan so I guess things turned out alright.
     Kelsey is still doing bomb like always and is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY!!!!! We're doing her baptismal interview tomorrow and couldn't be more excited. This week we had FHE with her on Monday as well as finished setting up her baptismal program, Tuesday she came to institute, Wednesday we went over the baptismal interview questions and then Thursday we read the Book of Mormon with her before she left out of town on Friday. She went home to Hamilton over the weekend for a friend's Homecoming talk, he's the one that'll confirm her this coming Sunday! Keep praying for her and for us this week, the week before a baptism usually holds a couple curveballs but we're staying on top of it!
     The church is so true and the gospel holds every good answer to every real question. Keep striving. Recognize the Lord's hand in your life and humble yourselves in the face of all the mercy he shows us. The Lord is so good, never stop loving him.

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